I’ve been trying to think of something whitty to put as the new “first post” for the new blog.

Not going to happen, so here it is!


~ K.

Changes are a coming

I’m going to re-vamp my site & move it to a new address, once that is done I’ll post a link to the new site here.

Not a post

There has been a lack of knitting content around here of late.

That is about to change.


Tonight I am going to bed.

I had a post

but it seems to have been eaten.

I have my blocking wires, so there will be pictures in the near future of FOs.

Other then that the post will have to wait for later to be re-written.

This was how I planned to spend my night:


Knitting, laptop with blogs, puppy, feet up and a comfy pair of jeans.

This is how I actually just spent it:


That is the inside of my beloved air conditioner. It was a little warm when I got home, so I changed and took the dog out and came back. It was then that I realized that my wonderful wheeled a/c unit was silent. Silent is a Bad Thing (yes, it needs the capitals). This thing is loud, when it’s not it means that it’s not working.

I know what’s wrong, it’s telling me what’s wrong, the water tank is full. Problem is that I just released both valves and nothing happened. It’s been on auto drain since I turned it on because I didn’t want it to stop with puppy in the house. So there is no water in the tank.

Anyone know how to make Mr Chilly work again?

Not a whole lot

Not much happened in the knitting end of things, we were swamped at work so only a few inches here and there were to be had. My Lacey Prairie shawl is going swimming, I have 7 balls of yarn and a sinking suspicion that I’m going to end up with balls left over, be we shall see.

I will leave you with this:

This is the mamma pidgin, I’m assuming, I didn’t want to disturb her so no pictures of what I’m assuming is the baby. I dislike pidgins with a passion that I normally hold for slow moving objects on a day when I’m late, but this one get’s to stay until the baby is fledged, then the whole deck is getting washed, sanitized, and re-decorated into a pidgin free zone.


I just got home to a very happy dog and a pile of rovings.

Roving is fine, dog is no longer happy, his “bed” has been returned to it’s proper place.


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