Finally some FOs!

It’s been a while since I had an FO to post here.  And now I’ve got 3 of them!  Almost 4.

I finished the baby socks, hat, and sweater for J’s friend.

Can I just say SOCKS!  They’re so tiny!   For size reference, that spoon?  That’s a tea spoon.  They have lost of stretch though so they can grow with the child.

And this is the “watermelon” sweater that I did.  There is a picture of it with the little flower buttons I added, but I forgot my camera at home so no pics for now.

The socks ended up being a pattern of my own design.  The sweater is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket which is adorable.

The hat was the  Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier.  Wonderful easy knit with great results.  The only mod I made to the hat pattern was I did the “adult” size with a DK weight yarn, which came out to a baby size.

I’m also binding off my Peacock Feathers Shawl.  Finally.  Can I just say that crochet chain bind-offs, while they look great, take for freaking ever.  I spent just over 2 hours binding off last night, I’m not quite half way through.

Pictures of that to come.


I didn’t get the peacock shawl done in time for Sarah’s graduation yesterday, but the ceremony was wonderful and she now officially has her Masters and woohoo!

I will have pictures but I’ve got to get them off the camera first so they might not show up until next week.

On the knitting front: I’m 30 rows from the end of the peacock shawl, I only have the seaming on the Baby Surprise Jacket, I’m most of the way into the berry baby hat, and I have a sock pattern all picked out.

Just add buttons!

I re-cast on for the socks that I was designing.  The original one is far to small and nothing is going to help that so slightly larger needles (2.5mm vs 2.25mm) and an extra repeat should solve the problem.  Unless my math is wrong, which is always a possibility.  I’ll get a picture of it once it’s a little farther along.

Tonight though I’m planning on doing some sewing.  Need to get some bags done for people & see if I can make the box bags that I’ve been thinking about.

Racing & Pugs

I’m on row 169 of 250, which works out to about 14 rows per day.  I’m still going to try, but a beaded shawl?  With ever growing rows?  Might not happen.

I’ve put the baby stuff on hold for the week to finish this.  The Baby Surprise Jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman) is almost done and then it’ll be a nights work for the hat and another night for the booties, I’m not all that worried.

Last weekend was Pugfest, which is put on by our local rescue organization, Under My Wing Pug Rescue.

A room full of pugs.

And the aftermath.  Gadget, passed out, with his “kills” spread out in front of him.

Now to try and get another row or 2 done.

Plugging along

Tomorrow J, K, & I are going to see William Shatner!  Woohoo!

I finished off J’s bag last night but didn’t have a chance to take pictures of it so that will have to wait for Monday’s post.  It looks fab if I do say so myself!

J came over last night and we got more done on the hats.  Hat #2 is about halfway done and #3 is started.  Maybe, just maybe, they’ll get done in time.  Either that or I’m going to be wandering around ComicCon with a half finished Jayne hat on the needles!  Personally I’m hoping to wander around with a shawl on the needles, or a sock.

Yarn Edition!

Finally got a chance to pick up the yarn I had ordered from Art-By-Ana yesterday.  And it’s all the yummy yarn goodness that she is known for!  Please go check her store you, you won’t be disappointed.

The green and the purple both have a second skein.  The pink/green/white is what I think I’ll cast on next.  I need a quick knit and I’m still wanting to knit lace.  And the Russian dolls in the background?  That’s a wonderful little project bag!

I’m onto the second (of three) of my Jayne hats.  I most definitely like this pattern best, super easy and looks good, even with Walmart discount yarn!  I’ve been sewing a bag for my friend J for her costume for Saturday so she’s been coming over and knitting on the hats for me.  She’s finished the first one and did what you see of the second.  Now to get everything done!

I hope to have the bag done for tonight so I can show you some pictures.  We shall see though.

Jayne Cobb Hat

Have you ever thought something was a really good idea late at night?  I had one of those moments last night.

A little back story: a couple of friends and I are going to the Ottawa ComicCon this weekend (yeah William Shatner!).  Besides Shatner (& a host of others) Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb from Firefly & Knowle Rohrer from X-Files) is going to be there.

Last night it was decided that we should each have Jayne hats.  The pattern I’m using, which was the best one I found & the most authentic looking is from here.  My colours are off, but I was going to quick & cheap so Red Heart Super Saver from Walmart it is!

This is hat #1…

Now to make 2 more & a purse for Saturday.

Grey May

They keep promising sun & the clouds just keep coming back.

This was taken from my balcony in mid April, everything still looks about the same.  The grass is a little greener & the trees have more buds, but it’s still that dull grey.  That not quite rain that makes everything wet and chills you to the bone even though the thermometer says it’s 15C outside. I’m just hoping that the sun comes out soon.

It’s been a very grey few days & there hasn’t been much knitting done.

Soft, fuzzy, and oh so nice.

This is the same pair of fingerless gloves that I was working on in Monday’s post.  I’ve got most of one finished, it just needs a thumb.  The other, well, maybe I’ll feel up to working on them tonight & I can actually finish them.

I’ve never been a fan of mohair, I just find it far to scratchy, but angora?  Yes please!